Learning Outside the Lines: A Conference on Children and Youth in an Interconnected World

Save the date for a two day conference September 28-29, 2016 at the University of Maryland

Around the world, the experiences of children range from those with affluence, well-funded schools, and peaceful homes, to those who are impoverished, exposed to violence, and are victims
of injustice. This conference seeks to widen and deepen our understanding of childhood and youth in relation to the inequalities of nation, gender, ethnicity/race, class, religion, and minority/majority belonging. It will examine children in conflict and war, as objects of consumption, and as displaced and migrating populations.
This conference explores the experiences of children and youth in the intersections of an interconnected world. Scholars and practitioners from throughout the world, offering Eastern and Western perspectives and representing multiple disciplines, will examine bold ideas and new thinking about young people in the world.
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Orna Blumen
Professor of Women's & Gender Studies Graduate Program and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Human Services, University of Haifa, Israel 

Barbara Finkelstein
Professor Emerita and Distinguished Scholar-Teacher, College of Education, University of Maryland, College Park

Sharon Halevi
Head of Multidisciplinary Studies, Department of Multidisciplinary Studies; Director, Women's & Gender Studies Program; Professor of History, University of Haifa, Israel

Cindi Katz
Professor of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences Program, City University of New York, Graduate Center 

Wilma King
Professor Emerita and Distinguished Scholar of African American History, University of Missouri

Dafna Lemish
Dean, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts,  Professor of Communication, Southern Illinois University

Steven Mintz
Executive Director, Institute for Transformational Learning; Professor of History, University of Texas Austin

Marcelo Suárez-Orozco
Wasserman Dean, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies; Distinguished Professor of Education, University of California, Los Angeles

Peter Stearns
Provost and Professor of History, George Mason University

Tomoko Tokunaga
Project Assistant Professor, International Center, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

Fruma Zachs
Head of Middle Eastern History and Professor of Middle Eastern History, Department of Middle Eastern History, University of Haifa, Israel 


Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 9:00am to Thursday, September 29, 2016 - 5:30pm

The Bahá'í Chair for World Peace
University of Maryland
3101 Chincoteague Hall
7401 Preinkert Drive
College Park, MD 20742

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